About Us

Our Mission

To provide homeowners and businesses alike with quality service and products for long term protection and positive results, including concrete, masonry & wood services.

30 Year Guarantee

We are your Deck & Concrete Protection and Restoration experts. Seal Saint Louis' special penetrating formula will protect your wood deck and concrete permanently by creating an internal barrier against moisture, reducing surface mold and mildew! Seal Saint Louis is the only company that offers a 30 year guarantee. Revive your wood or concrete and NEVER seal it again. Really!

Family Run Business

We believe in customer service, and treat the customer as we would like to be treated. We strive to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. Our employees are all family and friends, and we strive to provide them with a exceptional place to work. We perform all services ourselves and do not hire subcontractors.

Our Process

At Seal Saint Louis, our unique 5 step process protects your investment by leaving you with a beautifully restored and permanently sealed area. Our unique formula is perfect for your concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces while remaining environmentally friendly.

Step 1:

We start by masking off any surrounding areas to protect any other investments from damage.

Step 2:

Next we clean the area with our environmentally safe soap application which penetrates the material, opens its pores, and forces out oxidants. The cleaning process also includes a thorough scrubbing to help work the cleaning soaps into the material.

Step 3:

We then rinse the area with "hot water under pressure", not to be confused with pressure washing. This process balances the ph level of the area, and flushes the extracted oxidants away from the material without damaging the surface of your material like some other processes.

Step 4:

The sealing process is next where we apply a liberal application, or "flood coat" of our sealant which actually petrifies wood, and can strengthen concrete by as much as 23%.

Step 5:

We finish with site cleanup which entails removing any masking from surrounding areas, a full area rinse, and total site cleanup.

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