Concrete Protection

More than just a topical coating, Seal Saint Louis' concrete sealant penetrates below the surface of the concrete and reacts instantly with the alkali to form a silica gel membrane on the surface of the voids and particulate, immediately starting to waterproof the substrate.

Over 3 to 7 days the silica gel membrane hydrates hardening in to a solid, yet breathing, internal membrane, providing a permanent seal and moisture barrier, as well as increased surface hardness. It will all so protect your concrete from freeze-thaw cycles, salt and chemical attack, the benefits are PERMANENT.


  • Eliminates water leaking and seepage
  • Reduces sweating
  • Prevents dusting, pitting and scaling due to salt exposure
  • Guards against stains, including oil
  • Increases concrete strength up to 23%

Seal St. Louis uses nothing but the strongest and most effective sealant, which prevents your concrete from deteriorating & stops existing damage from getting any worse.

The product we use is DynaCrete PIM "Permanent Internal Membrane". This product has been tested, approved, and used all over the world including:

  • The American Society of Testing Materials
  • The United States General Service Administration, 1963
  • The U.S Air Force, 1964
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1983
  • Thousands of private construction & engineering corporations since 1964
  • Thousands of public, municipal, county, and state authorities

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