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As Seen In Mid Rivers News Magazine

As Seen In Mid Rivers News Magazine

As the summer sun beats down on your deck and patio, can you almost see it weathering before your eyes? Would you believe there is a company whose restoration and sealing guarantee lasts 30 years?

Seal Saint-Louis® protection and restoration experts, uses commercial grade sealers designed for large scale, heavy-duty applications and long term results.

Owner, Ed Lovelace explains, "Petri-crete ® products not only seal out the elements and protect high traffic areas from wear and tear, but actually petrifies the wood from the inside out or strengthens concrete up to 23%."

Joann Lovelace, also a Seal Saint-Louis® owner, continues, " the sealant penetrates the wood and concrete and then reacts with the alkali's present. This reaction creates a permanent internal barrier against moisture from the inside out. Why use a topical sealer, which will still allow the surface to rot and mildew from the inside?"

Seal Saint-Louis® is the only local company who offers a 30 year guarantee on their 5-step process, protecting your investment and creating a beautifully restored and permanently sealed area.

Their team is comprised of experts in commercial, industrial and residential sealants and can offer advice based on each home's unique needs.

For more information on Seal Saint-Louis® and the exclusive Petri-crete® and Petri-wood® products, visit www.SealStl.com. For a free estimate on restoring and sealing wood, decks, masonry and concrete, call 314-623-2205.

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